Terry Figgertot (or just Terry) is an anthropromorphic skunk on hallucinagens. He is friends with Jerry and commonly tags along on his antics.


Terry does a lot of hallucinagens. Most of the time he's in his own little world, usually commenting on his hallucinations. He seems to like causing trouble, since he's always doing something destructive or dangerous.

Most of the time Terry is a fun loving, hyperactive person who sees the world in his own vision, although how he views his friends is unclear.

Terry lying down on the wing of a plane in episode 1.


Although Terry's view of his friends is quite foggy, he has shown some clues to how he feels towards them


Terry and Jerry are good friends. Terry usually goes with Jerry on his adventures. Jerry finds Terry annoying at times.


Terry and Garry are on good terms, the two do not care much for each other.


Patterson and Terry are very similar personality wise, the two like to have random outbursts of nonsensical things. What the two think of each other is unknown, it is believed that the two are good friends


Terry's fur is a gray and white, his right eye seems heavily disfigured, and he has no tail. He has a small pink nose and small rounded ears. He also has a little patch of fur on his forehead.

Terry wears what appears to be a necklace around his neck, although this is still unconfirmed.


  • Terry originally did not have a last name.
  • Although skunks usually have black fur, Terry's fur is gray.