An early design of Jerry


Jerry, yelling at his brother Garry.

Jerry is the main character of Drugged up bunny, the series usually revolves around his "adventures".


Jerry is the main character of Drugged up Bunny. He likes his friends and is patient enough to deal with all of their nonsense. He is normally sober but on certain occasions is known to engage in narcotics and get completly wasted.



Garry is Jerry's brother. He's usually always yelling at Jerry to do something for him or help him out. Nevertheless, the two are on good terms.


Jerry views Terry as a sibling figure, always following him around and annoying him. Terry and Jerry often get wasted together.


Patterson seems to amuse Jerry a lot of the time, usually doing or saying something comical. Patterson and Jerry seem to be good friends.


Jerry is a bright gray rabbit with two long ears and two large eyes. His body is very slim, possibly due to Garry eating everything at home.

Jerry getting pulled into a tv by internet meme "Trollface"


  • Jerry has gone through many character designs.
  • He may have a last name in the future.
  • Although his brother Garry's fur is green, Jerry is bright Gray.
  • He seems to be the only character that has family (Garry).