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Welcome to the Drugged up bunny WikiEdit

Drugged up Bunny is a new show by Paska Animation

The ShowEdit

It is a show about some Animals (not all are bunnies) who all have certain defects such as Patterson The Retarded Fox or Garry(tourrettes). There are also some who enjoy the use of certain "substances".

Its main plot is following the main character Jerry, who is a rabbit that seems to have a calm personality (sometimes)

It is a Flash series created by American animator Brandon Branderson from Paska Animation. Paska translating to "crap" or "shit" in the Finnish language.

The name for Paska Animation was originated from a Skype call between Branderson and Keith Scheiferstein (voice of Garry). Keith suggested it as a joke, and Branderson thought it was suitable for his animation style after hearing the English translation. First episode is still in development.

Latest activityEdit