Jerry getting pulled into a tv by internet meme "Trollface"

The show so far only has 4 characters. Branderson is planning on adding future characters

Jerry- The main character of Drugged up Bunny. Jerry's design was loosely based on Ren Hoek, from 90's Nickelodeon cartoon "Ren and Stimpy". Voiced By: Eddie Milanes

Garry- The brother of Jerry. Suffers from tourettes and Voiced By: Keith Scheiferstein

Fun Fact!- Branderson wanted convincing anger from Keith so he decided to acually make him angry by trying to get him to admit to being a homosexual for 30 minutes.

Patterson- Voiced by John Rowe. Patterson is a fox that is not completly retarded. Something is needed to trigger him to become retarded.

Terry- Voiced By MikeyT. Terry's dominant features are his giant pupils (dialated from the use of hallucinagens), and his voice consisting of strange sounds. May have animated shorts at the end of full episodes called "Terry's Hallucinations".